User Interface Artist & Designer ( UI/UX Designer ) with a background in illustration, concept art, 3d modeling, and animation.

Skills & Abilities

  • With a primary interest in user interface art & design, I create easy to understand and navigate game and application interfaces and experiences with highly polished visuals and modern usability.
  • General illustration & art direction, with ability to create a unique 2d or 3d look for a project.
  • General 2d concept art and 3d modeling/animation skills.

Work History & Gameography

ArenaNet (current) | UI Artist/Designer
Guild Wars 2

Zynga | Senior UI Designer

Candescent Games | Art Director
Crystal Lake

Mindspark | Preproduction Artist
Dungeon Busters

Stolen Goose | Founder/Art Director
ScamperGhost, FarmBee, GlomboPop, Save The Goons. Z-Drum

Sony Online Entertainment | Senior Environment Artist
Free Realms

Volition, Inc. | UI Artist Level 2
Saints Row

2k Sports | Senior Environment Artist
NBA2k7, NBA2k8

Vicious Cycle Software |  Senior Artist/Animator & UI Artist
Dinotopia: A Sunstone Odyssee

Sony Online Entertainment | User Interface Artist & Concept Artist

Ion Storm / 7th Level | Senior Artist
Daikatana, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3, G-NOME

Selected Experience

  • 20 years of game development art experience across several art disciplines on a variety of platforms for large studios, smaller startups, and independently as a Flash game developer.
  • Designed & assembled interface modules in a live Facebook social game environment at Zynga using proprietary RAD Interface Tools. (CoasterVille)
  • Created & animated all vector art, animation, characters, terrain tiles, UI, icons, and effects for Facebook social game prototype Crystal Lake.
  • Created pre-production concept art & Flash ads for click-testing a variety of game concepts including Dungeon Busters (Dungeon Rampage Prototype) at Mindspark
  • Created art & style for 5 profitable small Flash games. (Stolen Goose)
  • Negotiated contracts with favorable developer terms & licensed original Flash games to premium game portals (MaxGames.com, Gimme5Games.com, Spil Group, Newgrounds.com, NotDoppler.com)
  • Worked on games made for PC, Flash, iOS, Facebook, Gamecube, Xbox/Xbox 360 & PS3
  • Created real-time lighting for almost all cave levels & 24 hour day/night cycles in most outdoor environments for Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms.
  • Designed, created, and directed environment level art with assistance of two environment artists for the Sprite-themed Slam Dunk contest including an on-location texture shoot in Vegas (featured content in 2kSports NBA2k8)
  • Created basic scripts and maintained shared Maya MEL script shelf for NBA2k8 environment team.
  • Reviewed & managed outsourced assets from China to ensure incoming 3d models were up to 2kSports standards.
  • Modeled, textured, rigged & animated a variety of characters, creatures, weapons, prop models & environments for 8 shipped console & PC games (Free Realms, NBA2k7/2k8, Saints Row, Dinotopia, Daikatana, Dominion, G-NOME, etc.)

Awards, Honors & Features

  • Featured Artist on ArtRevolution.com · 2017, 2016
  • Featured on Behance Illustration for my "New York Dangerboat" Collection · Sep 26, 2016
  • Moleskine Artist of the Month · Sep 2016
  • Featured on Behance.net Main Page for my "Bridges Over Redbrick Weapontruck" Collection · Sep 3, 2016
  • Featured on the You Will Rise Anti-bullying Project for "Quick, Stop the Bully Drop!" · un 2, 2016
  • Interviewed for "3 Questions: The Book" by Jeremy Burnich · Mar 3, 2016
  • Interviewed by Eclectix.com · Feb 16, 2015
  • Bready Award from Your Daily Bread · 015
  • Article on DoodlersAnonymous.com: "Junkyard Sam's Progress Sketches" · ep  17, 2008
  • Showcased in the Speakerdog! show at Cafe Pause in Tokyo · Mar 2008

Primary Software

After Effects

Contact Info

Matthew Cox
Greater Seattle Area
425 · 524 · 3212